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The Co-op

Co-op, 199 Cell Barnes Lane St Albans AL1 5PX

The Co-Op

Co-op Supermarket

Although they have pretty bad reviews online, I dont feel the current staff deserve it. They did a fine job of keeping the community fed during the early days of lockdown. They also have to deal with some fools on a daily basis and they are polite to me everytime I pay them a visit.

A few years back you were risking getting your card cloned by visiting the place, but them days are long gone. If you want good prices visit Morrisons in Fleetville….The Co-op often charges twice the price for similar products. But on the other hand they have regular promotions and you can pick up some cheap bits.

Where the Co-op wins points is it opens at 7am and stays open until 11pm. Its handy for a pack of cigarettes, tin of dog food or a £2 beer. If you do your weekly shop there, you must be crazy.

But when you forgot something or you need a pint of milk for the morning cuppa, it does the job fine. My class mates used to nick Cadbury cream eggs from there on the way to school about 40 years ago, so I’ll miss the place if it goes!

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